SOLD – A RIECKE, large glass vase, 1939


What I like

I like the simplicity of this shape of square section, with refined decoration both engraved and enamelled with abstract motifs: the opposition between midnight blue and this silvery gray of the decoration is especially elegant. The shape of the staple is refined but typical of the late 1930’s.

I like the fact that this vase is a unique work, by a creator who remains to be rediscovered, but who belonged to this group of artists and designers rallied to cubist, avant-garde ideas.

It is indeed a work of art, practically a sculpture, in this beautiful material that is glass.



Very large vase with square section in midnight blue tinted glass and colorless glass at the bottom, with abstract patterns of balls and white lines engraved and cold-glazed on the front side, decorated in high relief with a geometric staple and four half-spheres of chromed metal on the right side face.

Signed and dated 9.4.39 at the bottom of the anterior.

Dimensions and weight

Height: 50 cm- Width: 12 cm – Depth: 10 cm

Mix & Match

This vase, an original work of art, is certainly dated 1939 but can be associated with many atmospheres: indeed, the precious side of its abstract décor, its reduced but refined palette allow it to rub shoulders with furniture by modernist designers of the UAM, but also more classical works by Ruhlmann, or Dominique.

Its preciousness allows it to be exhibited on antique furniture. But of course, its refined note will be highlighted on stripped furniture: the Danish salon of the 1960s of Borge & Mogensen, in waxed oak, the ensemble of Gae Aulenti, white lacquered, of the  years 1975, the enfilade of Alain Richard.

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To know more

The creator

Riecke was a Russian glass artist living in France and died in 1979. He was in charge of the decoration of the Dome in the 30s and realized several exhibitions in this establishment after the war. He frequented the artists gravitating around the Dome and collaborated with some of them. His work is mainly composed of vases, planters and small furniture in a cubist or art deco style.

The Restaurant La Coupole is the temple of Art Deco. It was born in 1927 from the will of two Auvergnats, Ernest Fraux and René Lafon. On the evening of the inauguration, the whole world of Arts, Letters, the night is there: artists and their models, socialites and flambeurs.

Among the first artists and intellectuals to adopt the place are Jean Cocteau, Foujita, Kisling, Giacometti, Zadkine, Joséphine Baker, Man Ray, Georges Braque and Brassaï. Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet met there in 1928. In the 1930s, the aficionados of the place are Picasso, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, Sonia Delaunay, André Malraux, Jacques Prévert, Marc Chagall, Édith Piaf among many others.

A beautiful authentic object at the right price

This vase has been carefully selected for its aesthetic qualities, originality and fair price. Our choice favors above all the acuteness of the design, guarantee of a valuation of your new acquisition in your interior and an ability to dialogue with your furniture, to agree and mix to create a unique decoration.

Buying vintage items is a reasonable investment, and it preserves the resources of our planet!

Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 50 cm




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Dominique de Paillerets is passionate about objects and art. He likes to combine Design furniture from the 70s and the 18th century, in the spirit Combining refinement and the spirit of the seventies

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