Modernist bar cabinet in cork veneer and wenge, monogrammed SD, circa 1970


What I like

I like this bar from the 70s because it is very architectural: the different levels are separated by deep gorges, which literally makes it float like a colorful sculpture. Influenced by Art Deco shapes, the designer sublimated them through the use of materials hitherto little used: cork veneer and wenge, giving his creation an anchor in the most chic 70s.

This bar shows its refinement by the presence of wenge threads on each corner, the cheerful use of a bright pink felt, the lighting activated automatically by opening the doors, the mirror background. This is the era of the jet society cocktails of the glorious 70s. I love the idea of ​​having a Martini or a gin-fizz in front of this distinctive piece of furniture!

I also like the mystery to be discovered of its creator with its still undeciphered monogram. This bar cabinet which still conceals mysteries to be elucidated!

The creation of large bar furniture such as this one responds to the demand of a clientele wealthy enough to devolve a specific piece of furniture for a hobby linked to high society: they are therefore all the more rare and desirable. What a joy to be “rich and famous” in front of this bar!

Technical description

Modernist bar cabinet with cork-veneered plywood structure with central pattern in the shape of a pyramid with steps and edges veneered with wenge; it is composed of a rectangular cabinet with two doors revealing a glass bottom, a pink felt sheathing (very slight tear at the bottom), two glass shelves and a mirror; this cabinet rests on a plinth drawing two steps, the one at the top has three drawers, the lower one draws a lowered arch.

Monogrammed on the inside of the doors (S D?).

Circa 1970.

Dimensions and weight

Height:172 cm- Width: 141 cm- Depth: 45.5 cm

Weight 70 kg

Mix & Match

The quality of the manufacture of this piece of furniture, attested in particular by the veneered edges of steps, and its design, which makes it float, give it the appearance of a piece of furniture-sculpture: as a result, it occupies the space of a unique way, which allows it to coexist with many types of furniture.

We can combine it with the Hans Kaufeld lounge set in light brown leather, also very structured, or the pair of Kroken armchairs in darker leather, also very designed. Next to our bar cabinet, I am considering a very pop painting, why not Bernard Jardel’s Orange Composition dated 1971? And to light it up, the pair of Vanessa floor lamps by Angelo Brotto?

But we can consider an association with 18th century furniture, its quality allowing to cross the centuries without complex! In addition, the subtlety and originality of its cork veneer could converse with a beautiful chest of drawers in olive veneer from the South, or with a piece of furniture in burl veneer by the Hache family.

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To know more

The designer

The S.D.? monogram which adorns the interior of the door of this bar cabinet remains to be attributed. The very balanced design of this bar testifies to a great mastery of design, worthy of the greatest decorators of the 1970s. Moreover, this type of furniture then only found its place in the most refined decoration projects, which is further evidenced by the daring and refined choice of materials.

The editor

The mastery of manufacturing shows great attention to detail. But it is more a piece of furniture from a great decorator than a cabinetmaker from the Faubourg Saint Antoine. We can guess the manufacturing for a particular project, more than as part of a mass edition.

A nice authentic piece of furniture at a fair price

This piece of furniture has been carefully selected for its aesthetic qualities, its originality and its studied price. Our choice favors, above all, the sharpness of the design, a guarantee of enhancing your new acquisition in your interior and an ability to interact with your furniture, to match and mix to create a unique decoration.

Buying vintage designer furniture is an investment, which will keep its value as long as the taste is in the 70s, which seems quite durable.

On the other hand, buying vintage furniture preserves the resources of our planet earth.

Additional information
Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 45,5 × 141 × 172 cm



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Dominique de Paillerets is passionate about objects and art. He likes to combine Design furniture from the 70s and the 18th century, in the spirit Combining refinement and the spirit of the seventies

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