Pair of Daum crystal abstract pair of lamps

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What I like

I like this pair of Daum lamp bases, characteristic of the inventiveness and the degree of excellence of the house Daum, which in 1950 took the turn of colorless, heavy crystal, whose heaviness, beauty, refinement, thanks to a skilful pliers work, which guarantees that each piece is unique: these elements make it in fact objects of art: we see the design of the creator, incorporated in this matter which disappears in the light which it reflects in a thousand shards.

It is difficult to find this model in pairs: it is typical of the 1960s and of the art of the period, lyrical abstract art, with this large, heavy winding but which, due to the material, is at the same time aerial.

The cylindrical cotton lampshades have been created sober and modern, to take full advantage of the object or sculpture that is each lamp base.

I like the work of the glassmaker with the hand and the pliers: therefore each foot is slightly different. In this specific case, the editing made it possible to harmonize these small differences.




Pair of transparent crystal lamp bases, formed of a stretched ribbon forming a loop, resting on a small quadrangular plinth with twisted ribs, placed perpendicular to the loop.Signed Daum France on the base.They have been re-electrified by a professional to bring them up to standard, and off-white cotton cylindrical lampshades have been created.


Dimensions et weight

Height of the crystal: 35.5 and 36, 5 cm – Width: 13, 5 and 16 cm cm – Depth. : 13.5 and 16 cmHeight with lampshade: 70 cm for both.Weight: 4 kg each, or 8 kg

Mix & Match

These lamps form a true work of art: so they can be compared to any set of furniture and objects of art. Their shades, sober and refined in simple, slightly off-white cotton, make them perfectly 1960 for lighting, for example, the coffee table by Julien de Covemaeker , with an equally refined abstract decor; they will give character to the round chrome and white marble coffee table from the 70s . But you can, by changing the decade, place it on the Orsay table designed by Gae Aulenti : the assumed roundness of the lamp will follow the curved lines of the uprights of the table.Of course, these lamps will go hand in hand with fine quality antique furniture, the quality of their material and their design allow it.

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Further information

The designer

Michel Daum (1900-1986), chemical engineer, directed with Henri Daum the Daum crystal factory from the 1950s and became its President in 1965. Member of the Committee of Decorative Artists, he is at the origin of the production of pieces in clear crystal and in rare cases slightly colored, very symptomatic of the years 1950-1970. Daum’s accomplishments will often be imitated but never equaled.

The publisher

Daum is a crystal factory founded in 1878 in Nancy, Lorraine, France, by Jean Daum. The development of Daum took place around 1890-1900 with the Art Nouveau style and the School of Nancy (see Gallé…). The creations of this period populate museums, as much in France as in Japan, in the United States and in Japan in particular. The Daum workshops formed some of the great names of Art Nouveau: Jacques Gruber, Amalric Walter, the Schneider brothers… Masterpieces were also created during the Art Deco period, also in major museums. After the Second World War and the many shortages of pigments used to make glass paste, crystal takes a predominant place, under the direction of Henri and Michel Daum. A grandson of the founders developed the production of a particularly transparent and brilliant crystal. This new crystal promotes the production of pieces with thick and flexible shapes with a luminous appearance.

A beautiful and authentic object at a fair price

This pair of lamps has been carefully selected for its aesthetic qualities, its originality and its fair price. Our choice favors, above all, the sharpness of the design, a guarantee of enhancing your new acquisition in your interior and an ability to interact with your furniture, to match and mix to create a unique decoration.Buying vintage items is a reasonable investment, and it conserves the resources of our planet!

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Dominique de Paillerets is passionate about objects and art. He likes to combine Design furniture from the 70s and the 18th century, in the spirit Combining refinement and the spirit of the seventies

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