Daniel de LINIERE, « Vent d’été », unique tapisserie

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What I like

I like the unique piece side of this tapestry, which is woven by the very artist who executed the cardboard: it is indeed a work of art that we are talking about.

I also like the different side of the weaver art, made of inventiveness but also patience in its execution, perfect in this “Summer Wind”. The rhythm of the stable composition is enhanced by the frank and harmonious colors. We are in the head of the artist, in the cool and pleasant sensations of a summer wind. The rhythm of the colors laid in solid areas with signs scattered in a determined order is highlighted by the black frame, which carries forward the central composition.


Daniel de LINERE (1925-2014)

Summer wind

Tapestry signed, with its bolduc signed and annotated “Summer wind, painter: D. de Linière, unique copy woven by the painter, signature: D. de Linière”

Dimensions and weight

Height: 120 cm- Width: 72 cm- Weight: 6 kg

Mix & Match

This tapestry is a work of art, like a painting. As such, we can ask him to bring his art in many interiors. Of course, with its skillfully mastered colors, it can be placed behind the  pair of bright red Space Age swivel chairs  , or any other very colorful piece of furniture. But it will also bring its warmth and refinement if it accompanies  the white ensemble  of Gae Aulenti, or the pair of armchairs of Ake Fribytter, black brown: the whole will be chic and refined in the line of the great French designers.

But it can energize furniture as classic as Louis XV armchairs in natural wood, an inlaid chest of drawers or mahogany armchairs: its colors, present, are not dissonant, far from it! “Summer Wind” will bring its cheerfulness, but also its stability to these interiors.

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The creator

Daniel de Linière, born in 1925, died in 2014, talented painter and upholsterer, having worked in Royan, bequeathed several of his paintings to the town of Linières-Sonneville near Ségonzac. This tapestry shows his mastery of abstract composition, very balanced, his remarkable sense of colors and their arrangement. Finally, the object itself reveals his mastery of the art of weaver. He is undoubtedly an artist whose notoriety will grow as his production comes out of the reserve of his studio.

The publisher

Daniel de Linière has decided to be a self-publisher, and thus controls the quality of his production.

A beautiful authentic object at the right price

This tapestry has been carefully selected for its aesthetic qualities, originality and fair price. Our choice favors above all the acuteness of the design, guarantee of a valuation of your new acquisition in your interior and an ability to dialogue with your furniture, to agree and mix to create a unique decoration.

Buying a vintage work of art is surely a reasonable investment, so great is the appetite for the 1970s and 1980s.

Finally, buying a vintage work preserves the resources of planet earth.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 120 × 72 cm




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Dominique de Paillerets is passionate about objects and art. He likes to combine Design furniture from the 70s and the 18th century, in the spirit Combining refinement and the spirit of the seventies

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