SOLD -Daum- Pair of small sized Hen and Rooster crystal lamps, circa 1960 (with lampshades)



What I like

These clear crystal lamps are representative of the work initiated by Michel Daum at the end of the 1950s, giving the spotlight to the crystal itself and its refraction of light. The mass of crystal traps the light, which plays within the stretched and heat-worked shape of the bird. There is a balance between the dynamic shape of the birds and the solid base, nonetheless lightened by the play of rotating ribs. Having the rooster or hen rest 45 degrees from the base adds to this controlled tension.

I love the surprising side of animal figuration, very stylized, like the art of the great sculptors of that time. The artist has well understood the difference between the hen, with its feathers forming a rounded fan, and the rooster, with a straight tail and a more warlike bearing.

I like the fact that they are two handmade lamps, which explains the slight differences between the two. These differences are compensated by the assembly, and the lampshades, sober and modern.

Technical description


Two lamp bases forming pendants in hot-worked crystal depicting a stylized hen and a rooster, the stretched neck and the head supporting the socket, the tail forming a round fan for the hen, a flag for the rooster, resting on a base with ribs, offset from the bird.


Around 1960.

The electrification has been redone by a professional to bring it up to standard, and off-white cotton lampshades have been created, in a pyramid shape.

Dimensions and weight

Height for the crystal: 22,5 cm and 23,5 cm- Width: 17 cm- Depth: 10 cm

Height with lampshades: 42,5 cm

3 kg each, that is 6 kg

Mix & Match

These lamp bases are in crystal: the latter restores the light and the material of the crystal makes these creations precious, refined.

Depending on the shade that we choose, we can associate them with many atmospheres: with a rectangular pagoda shade, which was undoubtedly the case originally, we will put them on a pair. consoles, either modern in brass and black marble, or old in gilded wood and marble. In a large bedroom, they will be used as bedside lamps giving appreciable light.

With a straight rectangular lampshade, in fabric or better still in metal or resin, they will be given a much more contemporary appearance, to mix with black leather and chrome armchairs from the 1960s like The Grass Hopper chaiirs designed by Sonja Wasseur, or with creations 1970s like our pair of white lacquered metal low chairs with their orange cushions: you have to dare to use brightly colored lampshades!

Next to one of these lamps, we can place, from the same house of Daum, the Warrior by Maurice Legendre, a work of art in crystal paste that will be exalted by the light of the lamps.

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To know more

The designer

Michel Daum (1900-1986) a chemical engineer, together with Henri Daum, directed the Daum crystal factory from the 1950s and became its President in 1965. Member of the Committee of Decorative Artists, he is at the origin of the production of pieces in clear crystal, very symptomatic of the years 1950-1970. Daum’s creations will often be imitated, never equaled: the crystal is alive, stretches into flexible undulations worked with pliers.

The editor

Daum is a crystal factory founded in 1878 in Nancy, Lorraine, France, by Jean Daum. The development of Daum took place around 1890-1900 with the Art Nouveau style and the School of Nancy (see Gallé…). The creations of this period populate museums, as much in France as in Japan, in the United States and in Japan in particular. The Daum workshops formed some of the great names of Art Nouveau: Jacques Gruber, Amalric Walter, the Schneider brothers… Masterpieces were also created during the Art Deco period, also in major museums. After the Second World War and the many shortages of pigments used to make glass paste, crystal takes a predominant place, under the direction of Henri and Michel Daum. A grandson of the founders developed the manufacture of a particularly transparent and brilliant crystal. This new crystal promotes the production of pieces with thick and flexible shapes, with a luminous appearance.

A beautiful authentic pair of lamps at a fair price

These lamps have been carefully selected for their aesthetic qualities, their originality and their reasonable price. Our choice favors, above all, the sharpness of the design, a guarantee of enhancing your new acquisition in your interior and an ability to interact with your furniture, to match and mix to create a unique decoration.

Investing in a vintage designer art object is undoubtedly a reasonable investment, given the allure of the 1960s / 1970s.

Buying vintage items reduces our impact on Planet Earth.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 23 cm



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