Chromed metal Pyramid lampe by A. Tonello and A. Montagna Grillon for High Society, 1972 (with lampshade)



What I like

I really like this lamp base, very elegant with this twist of the pyramids which gives it a very elegant, but subtle dynamism, which is reminiscent of certain creations by Sabattini. The term that comes to mind is Rythm, and the emotion that comes to mind is the lightness of champagne bubbles!

I also like its large size, and the elegance of the lampshade redone in the model of the original, which hovers on this base, ready to fly away.

The chrome plating of the base is typical of the elegant creations of elegant Italian design of the 1970s, and in fact this lamp was designed in 1972 for High Society.

I like this lamp base, discreet but present, like a minimalist sculpture.

Technical description

A.Tonello and A.Montagna Grillo for High Society- Milano, 1972

Lamp whose chromed metal foot is formed by two triangular pyramids, each slightly twisted, positioned head to head, the final twist being 90 degrees. From this foot starts a metal rod, supporting two white lacquered sockets, and the conical fabric lampshade.

Slight traces of oxidation on the base, consistent with use.

The electrification has been redone, the lampshade has been redone in cotton percale on the measurements of the original.

Dimensions and weight:

Total height: 98 cm – Width of each side: 15 cm

Shade dimensions: Height: 35 cm – Diameter: 36 cm

Weight: 2,5 kg

Mix & Match

This lamp base has a timeless elegance, nevertheless marked by an Italian chic side of the 1970s.

It can be placed on a Louis XVI or Empire chest of drawers in precious wood, but also on antique furniture in waxed wood.

Of course, we can have it illuminate the large Banque de France desk in walnut and chrome, but also Gae Aulenti’s living room table. In the same room, we will use the Cubico chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari in chromed metal and cubic verrines in transparent glass and lattimo, because the elegance of each will be multiplied by that of the other.

To stay in an Italian spirit of the 1970s, on the walls we will hang the Op’art painting by Giuseppe Cuoco “Oggetto con movimento e casella rossa” dated 1973!

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To know more

The designers

A.Tonello and A. Montagna Grillo have designed several lights based on the same model playing on pyramids, either with four sides or, as for our lamp, with 3 twisted sides, either in chromed metal or in gilded metal. On this model, they developed table lamps and floor lamps.

The editor
High Society-Milano is the publisher of these different versions of the Pyramid blade. Our lamp still bears its label from this company.

An authentic lamp at a fair price

This lamp has been carefully selected for its aesthetic qualities, its originality and its fair price. Our choice favors above all the acuity of the design, of which the signature of A. Tonello and A. Montagna Grillo is the guarantee, guarantee of a valorization of your new acquisition in your interior and of an ability to dialogue with your furniture, to match and mix to create a unique decoration.

Buying vintage lamps is surely a reasonable investment, so great is the appetite for the 1960s/1970s.

Finally, buying vintage lamps preserves the resources of planet earth.

Additional information
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 98 cm




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Dominique de Paillerets is passionate about objects and art. He likes to combine Design furniture from the 70s and the 18th century, in the spirit Combining refinement and the spirit of the seventies

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