Pop art painting by Bernard Tulula



What I like

I like the very tonic side of this work by Bernard Tulula, with its colorful areas enlivened with decorative motifs: we think we see a labyrinth in the center of this square placed on the point, which is stabilized by the four trapezoidal spaces decorated with three motifs of “navette”shuttles, the blue or black background welcoming orange, red and yellow: all these colors bring the central motif to life.

We start with a dynamic composition, the square on its point, very adorned with band patterns, but balanced by the four trapeziums, whose “navette”shuttle patterns bring roundness and life to this geometric construction.

What joy!

I like the approach of this self-taught painter, who feels an inspiration leading him, without really knowing where it comes from: in these geometric designs there is always a form of raw art, there is a satisfied urgency. We are not in the more intellectual approach of Jean Dewasne, of a Vasarely, but rather of a chastened Augustin Lesage: a work in any case singular, unique!

Technical description

Bernard TULULA (1930-2007)


Canvas signed lower right, titled on the back.

Framing of a white lacquered wooden stick.

Dimensions and weight

Height: 54 cm – Width: 44 cm

Weight: 1kg

Mix & Match

This painting would wake the dead: put it with a golden console and the whole room will vibrate with its colorful, wild, so special rhythms.

I love it when it brings its joy to the rather austere 1960s Danish waxed oak living room by Borge Jensen and Sonner: suddenly, you also want to place the Flower glass sculpture by Berenal Exnar next to it, with its red and green accents!

What about a confrontation with the white and red Space Age swivel armchairs: we take off towards the Pop years! We hear disco or Sheila on a vintage record player!

Of course, its dynamism will be perfect to unleash the Kroken armchairs by Ake Fribytter for Nelo in brown black leather!

In fact, in all environments, it will bring its joy of life and its life force.

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To know more

The artist

Bernard Tulula was born in 1930 in St-Amand-les-Eaux, a small town in northern France, close to the Belgian border. He married Christiane in his mid-twenties and together they raised their two children, Françoise and Philippe. Bernard worked in the metallurgy as a draftsman, before climbing the ladder of industry. On a particularly rainy day, while vacationing with his family in the Alps, Bernard suddenly had an irresistible urge to create something very different from his usual technical drawings. At the time, the only painting tools at hand were his daughter’s markers; so with a handful of these and a pad of paper, Bernard settled into a quiet corner of the house and let his imagination run wild. At this point, Bernard was in his late thirties and he had no idea where this would lead!

He fully appreciates his first artistic experience, so much so that as soon as he returns home, Bernard creates an art studio in the attic of the family home. Ideas for his designs began to flow into his conscious mind and he scribbled them in his notebook, a book that over the years was never far from his reach. He gathered supplies and at every opportunity he retired to the sanctuary of his studio where his ideas came to life.

Without formal artistic training, Bernard developed his own unique methods and he continued to hone his skills over the years by mastering his remarkably precise style of painting. Anyone who has seen Bernard’s paintings knows how unique they are and indeed many have said that his ideas are out of this world!

Each of his paintings is truly inspired. Bernard never admitted to understanding their content, just a deep knowledge that at some level he was being guided and what he was producing was beyond his own comprehension.

After retirement, Bernard was free to immerse himself in his artistic world and although already an accomplished and prolific painter, he now had the opportunity to take his artistic career to the next level. Bernard accepted invitations to exhibit his work in many corners of the globe and he found great pleasure in doing so. He was still painting in his 70s and sadly passed away after a short illness at the age of 77 in 2007.

Additional information
Dimensions 44 × 54 cm


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