Suite of four low chairs in stained wood and light oak, circa 1980

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What I like

I love these low chairs because they are simple, rigorous and poetic at the same time! Indeed, the base is geometric, with its rectangular crosspieces: but the color, rosewood verging on purple, is unusual! Above all, this base supports this bucket seat in light oak plywood, with a daring cut, almost zoomorphic with these two ears at the top of the backrest and this triangular grip, forming the eye of a Cyclops, which lightens the seat! I also like the fact that there are four low chairs, which allows you to take just one pair or the whole set!

These low chairs have an assertive look from the 1980s, by their lines opposing lines and curves, as well as by the use of polychromy, introduced by the Memphis group.

Finally, these low chairs are comfortable: you can also easily add a cushion to the seat!

Technical description

Suite of four low chairs with a wooden structure stained in rosewood/purple, made up of four straight legs joined two by two by two rectangular crosspieces, the slightly higher back forming a backsplash, accommodating a bucket seat in thermoformed light oak plywood , the backrest with wings and triangular grip.

Around 1980.

Dimensions and weight

Height: 79 cm – Width: 59 cm – Depth: 60 cm

Weight: 15 kg each

Mix & Match

These low chairs have a real presence, because of their color and their design so typical of the 1980s. Of course, they are perfect with sleek contemporary furniture. But they can rub shoulders with furniture from the 1970s to the present day. I am thinking in particular of the Orsay ensemble by Gae Aulenti, dating from 1976, whose lines, successively straight and curved, will play with those of our low chairs. I’m also thinking of mixing them with coffee tables: either that of Julien de Covemaker, whose ceramic top with stellar decoration will give a poetic side to our low chairs, or the Cylindres coffee table whose chromed metal and glass top will play with the colors of our low chairs.

Because of their colorful appearance, I would associate these low chairs with colorful paintings: either with Charles Piquois’ diptych, whose pink and beige tones will be poetically associated with the purple wood of our seats, or with the extremely frank colors of our Composition by Edgard Pillet from 1950/1951, whose geometric abstraction will play with the colored lines of our low chairs.

I would not be afraid to place our seats next to the monumental sculpture “Colonnes-1966” by Guillaume Leunens, whose vertical thrusts will play with our fairly low seats.

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To know more

The designer

I have not found the name of the designer of our chairs. He must have seen the creations of Memphis, from which he retained the use of polychromy, reproduced in minor mode in our seats. This unknown designer was able to elegantly solve the question of a colored base and an oak seat, and produce stable and balanced furniture.

The editor

No label or old advertisement allowed us to find the publisher.

A beautiful and authentic suite of low chairs at a fair price

Our suite of low chairs has been carefully selected for its aesthetic qualities, its originality and its fair price. Our choice favors above all the acuity of the design, guarantee of a valorization of your new acquisition in your interior and of an ability to dialogue with your furniture, to agree and to mix to create a unique decoration.

Buying vintage furniture is surely a reasonable investment, so great is the appetite for the 1980s.

Finally, buying vintage furniture preserves the resources of planet earth.

Additional information
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 59 × 79 cm


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Dominique de Paillerets is passionate about objects and art. He likes to combine Design furniture from the 70s and the 18th century, in the spirit Combining refinement and the spirit of the seventies

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